by Stewart Lonky, MD​

The Author, The Book, and The Whys

My name is Stewart Lonky. I’m a board-certified internist and pulmonologist, and I’ve been
practicing medicine for over four decades.
A few years ago, I noticed an interesting and disturbing trend in my patients.

Nearly all of them were overweight or obese.
This wasn’t the case for the better part of my medical career when most patients were normal

These patients weren’t lazy. They didn’t lack willpower or motivation. On the contrary, many
were highly successful in every area of their lives.
Even my patients who exercised regularly and ate what most people consider a healthy diet
struggled to keep weight off.

They were also gaining weight at a time when we have more weight loss programs, books, and
treatments than ever.

I couldn’t explain why this was happening, but it piqued my curiosity, leading me to ask:

Why are we gaining weight? With all we know, why do an estimated 72 percent of Americans
struggle with weight problems? Why are 43 percent of all adults have obesity?

What I found surprised me, mainly since it varied so much from what the ‘experts’ claim are the
reasons we gain weight.

On an elementary level, your weight depends on the number of calories you consume, how many
of those calories you store, and how many you burn up.

However, many things influence our weight, impacting our physiology and behavior. The
interplay between all these factors begins at the moment of conception and continues throughout
your life.

On this website and in my new book [cover below], Outsmarting Obesity, which will be out in the Fall 2024, I will share some surprising reasons why we gain weight.


Dr. Stewart Lonky is no stranger to challenging established beliefs about obesity. With his wealth of experience and expertise, he has dedicated years to unraveling obesity’s origins, causes, cures, and prevention. In “Outsmarting Obesity,” he peels back the layers of this epidemic to reveal the true drivers behind extreme weight gain.

Understanding the Obesity Epidemic

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of lives were already affected by the obesity epidemic. However, the pandemic has only exacerbated this issue, highlighting the urgent need for action. Despite countless solutions proposed over the past four decades, none have successfully reversed this alarming trend. Simply telling people to “eat less and exercise more” falls short of addressing a problem of obesity’s scope and scale.

Dr. Lonky‘s work has garnered praise from esteemed colleagues and medical professionals. Bestselling author and longtime friend Dr. John Kennedy describes him as “a man of conscience and commonsense.” Dr. Lonky’s discerning clinical approach and unparalleled credibility have earned him the respect of peers and patients.


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